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Ensemble of global climate simulations for temperature in historical, 1.5 °C and 2.0 °C scenarios from HadAM4

Chi 2024

CHAITok: A Proof-of-Concept System Supporting Children's Sense of Data Autonomy on Social Media

Chi 2024

KOALA Hero Toolkit: A New Approach to Inform Families of Mobile Datafication Risks

GFI Logo

Assessing the Materiality of Nature-Related Financial Risks for the UK


Best practices for government agencies to publish data: lessons from COVID-19

Science Advances

Efficient spin-up of Earth System Models using sequence acceleration


Energy trade is the future of water management for the Nile

ACS Publications

Controlled Carbon Dioxide Terpolymerizations to Deliver Toughened yet Recyclable Thermoplastics


Making resource adequacy a private good: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Society for conservation biology

Incentivizing pangolin conservation: Decisions at CITES CoP19 may reduce conservation options for pangolins


Turning a groundswell of climate action into ground rules for net zero

Review of developmental economics

How do small formal and informal firms in Egypt compare? An analysis of firm characteristics and implications for formalization efforts


Challenges and opportunities in translating ethical AI principles into practice for children

Just Transition and the Labout Market in South Africa report cover

Just Transition and the Labour Market in South Africa


High Molar Mass Polycarbonates as Closed-Loop Recyclable Thermoplastics