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Review of developmental economics

How do small formal and informal firms in Egypt compare? An analysis of firm characteristics and implications for formalization efforts


Challenges and opportunities in translating ethical AI principles into practice for children

Just Transition and the Labout Market in South Africa report cover

Just Transition and the Labour Market in South Africa


High Molar Mass Polycarbonates as Closed-Loop Recyclable Thermoplastics

Governing through cloud aigi wp

Governing Through the Cloud: The Intermediary Role of Compute Providers in AI Regulation

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Accelerating carbon neutrality in China: Sensitive intervention points for the energy and transport sectors in Beijing and Hong Kong

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School to work transition: Employment and expectations of former madrasa students in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

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Evaluating the performance of conservation translocations in large carnivores across the world


Prosocial preferences improve climate risk management in subsistence farming communities

Nb S for Peru

Nature-based Solutions and their socioeconomic benefits in Peru


Efficacy of decentralised home-based antihypertensive treatment in older adults with multimorbidity and polypharmacy (ATEMPT): an open-label randomised controlled pilot trial


The impact of COVID-19 fiscal spending on climate change adaptation and resilience


Sustainability benefits of transitioning from current diets to plant-based alternatives or whole-food diets in Sweden


Designing a circular carbon and plastics economy for a sustainable future

Royal society publishing

Oxford Martin Restatement 8: A restatement of the natural science evidence base concerning grassland management, grazing livestock and soil carbon storage.