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The Journal of European Social Policy

The Journal of European Social Policy special issue on social policy and wealth

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Ireland’s Household Worklessness and Working-Age Market Income Inequality

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Between-class earnings inequality in 30 European countries. A regression-based decomposition

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Inheritance, gifts and the accumulation of wealth for low-income households

Oxford academic

Wealth inequality, intergenerational transfers, and family background

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Improving the understanding of poverty and social exclusion in Europe — 2021 edition

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Lockdown, Earnings Losses and Household Asset Buffers in Europe

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Rising Income Inequality and Subjective Social Status: The Nuanced Relative Status Decline of the Working Class since the 1980s

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Occupational Social Class and Earnings Inequality in Europe: A Comparative Assessment

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Top Income Adjustments and Inequality: An Investigation of the EU-SILC


Intergenerational wealth transfers and wealth inequality in rich countries: What do we learn from Gini decomposition?

Intergenerational Wealth Report

The Wealth of Families: The Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth in Britain in Comparative Perspective

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Intergenerational Wealth Transfers in Great Britain from the Wealth and Assets Survey in Comparative Perspective

Taylor and francis online

Has the middle secured its share of growth or been squeezed?

Oxford Reviewof Economic Policy

Inequality and its discontents