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Syrian Refugees, Water Scarcity, and Dynamic Policies: How Do the New Refugee Discourses Impact Water Governance Debates in Lebanon and Jordan?

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Switchable Catalysis Improves the Properties of CO2-Derived Polymers: Poly(cyclohexene carbonate-b-ε-decalactone-b-cyclohexene carbonate) Adhesives, Elastomers, and Toughened Plastics

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Plasma lipids and risk of aortic valve stenosis: a Mendelian randomization study


Preparedness and vulnerability of African countries against importations of COVID-19: a modelling study

Lancec Infectious Disease

Open access epidemiological data from the COVID-19 outbreak

Climate Policy

Revoking coal mining permits: an economic and legal analysis


Ti(IV)–Tris(phenolate) Catalyst Systems for the Ring-Opening Copolymerization of Cyclohexene Oxide and Carbon Dioxide

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Land use: Policies for a Net Zero UK

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Future of Cooling Newsletter: February 2020

Social Science and Medicine

Uncertainty in times of medical emergency: Knowledge gaps and structural ignorance during the Brazilian Zika crisis


Phylodynamic analysis of nCoV-2019 genomes

Journal Travel Medicine

Potential for global spread of a novel coronavirus from China

Biomedical Informatics

Deep learning for electronic health records: A comparative review of multiple deep neural architectures

Conservation Biology

Audience research as a cornerstone of demand management interventions for illegal wildlife products: Demarketing sea turtle meat and eggs

Journal Travel Medicine

Pneumonia of Unknown Etiology in Wuhan, China: Potential for International Spread Via Commercial Air Travel