Transboundary Resource Management

Setting the record straight on the impacts of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

The Nile River basin has been embroiled in controversy over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) ever since the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi announced in March 2011 that Ethiopia would build the largest hydroelectric power dam in Africa on the Blue Nile immediately upstream of the Ethiopian-Sudanese border.

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Current policies cannot stabilise the Colorado River in face of ongoing megadrought

An ongoing megadrought, impacts of climate change and systematic overuse have created a crisis for the Colorado River, an essential water source for 40 million inhabitants of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.

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Filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is unlikely to significantly affect Egypt, but coordinated drought planning is essential

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), currently under construction, has strained relations between Nile countries.

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How Natural Resource (Mis-)management in the Nile River Basin May Threaten Stability

As the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) nears completion, the Nile River Basin is at a crossroads. The next few months will be consequential for relations between countries in the river basin—notably Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt—because dam management upstream could have consequences for the supply of water downstream.

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Professor Steve Rayner announced as 2020 Paradigm Award winner

Professor Steve Rayner, James Martin Professor of Science and Civilization and Lead Researcher on three current Oxford Martin School programmes, has been announced as the winner of the 2020 Paradigm Award by the Breakthrough Institute.