Organisations must set bold targets for their catering in order to become “nature-positive”

Organisations making their catering more sustainable can make genuine positive contributions, though it will take extremely ambitious action to come close to fully mitigating biodiversity loss.

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Researchers honoured with Royal Society Awards

Professor Charlotte Williams OBE FRS and Professor Raymond Pierrehumbert FRS have both received prestigious medals from the Royal Society in recognition of their outstanding contributions to science.

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Environmental impact of 57,000 multi-ingredient processed foods revealed

This is the first time a transparent and reproducible method has been developed to assess the environmental impacts of multi-ingredient products.

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Taxing meat can protect the environment

Taxing meat could be an important lever for aligning Western diets with environmental goals and can be designed such that low-income households and farmers are compensated.

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Meat and dairy gobble up farming subsidies worldwide; it's bad for your health and the planet

The global food system is in disarray. Animal agriculture is a major driver of global heating, and as many as 12 million deaths from heart disease, stroke, cancers and diabetes are each year connected to eating the wrong things, like too much red and processed meat and too few fruits and vegetables.

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Sustainable eating is CHEAPER as well as healthier

A study has shown that in countries like America, the UK, Australia and across Western Europe choosing to go vegan, vegetarian, or flexitarian could slash your food bill by up to one-third!

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Future of Food programme works with Tesco on plant-based push for the planet

The Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food recently worked with Tesco to highlight the environmental benefits of incorporating more plant-based meals into diets ahead of the COP26 climate summit, which begins this Sunday.

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Reduction in UK red and processed meat intake, but more needed to meet our climate targets

Daily meat consumption in the UK has decreased by approximately 17.4g per person per day – just under a 17% reduction – in the last decade, finds new research from the University of Oxford.

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Post-Brexit trade agreements could lead to unhealthier diets

Post-Brexit free trade deals could lead to unhealthier eating in the UK and more diet-related deaths. But harms could be offset with targeted farming subsidies, now possible because of Brexit, and by making concerns for healthy eating central to trade policy, according to an Oxford study published today in the journal Nature Food.

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Professor Sir Charles Godfray elected to the American Philosophical Society

Professor Sir Charles Godfray, Oxford Martin School Director and Professor of Population Biology in the Department of Zoology, is one of seven international scholars to be elected to the American Philosophical Society in 2021.

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Banning wild meat could increase biodiversity loss, reveals study

A blanket ban on the trade of wild meat could create risks for nature and for human health, finds a first of its kind study from an international group of researchers.

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'No country – whether rich or poor – is immune from the health impacts of worsening climate change' - report

The authors of a new report say that unless urgent action is taken, climate change will increasingly threaten global health, disrupt lives and livelihoods, and overwhelm healthcare systems.

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Oxford Net Zero launches to tackle global carbon emissions

The Oxford Net Zero initiative draws on the university’s world-leading expertise in climate science and policy, addressing the critical issue of how to reach global ‘net zero’ – limiting greenhouse gases – in time to halt global warming.

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