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US Deputy Attorney General launches AI criminal justice initiative

America's Deputy Attorney General (DAG) Lisa O. Monaco announced the launch of the Justice AI initiative that focuses on the use of AI in the American criminal justice system.

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Jobs will be automated, but not because of the latest Generative AI

Everyone is worried about Artificial Intelligence. From writers in Hollywood to computer programmers, recent advances in technology are causing concern about what Generative AI is going to mean for the future of work, our society and the wider world. Is there nothing machines will not be able to do?

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Generative AI can potentially disrupt labour markets, say Oxford experts 10 years after ground-breaking study

Ten years ago, two experts in AI from the Oxford Martin School predicted that almost half of jobs were at risk of automation. In a new upcoming study, Professors Carl-Benedikt Frey and Michael A Osborne now say that while Generative AI has increased the scope of automation further, it will also make many jobs easier to do for people with lower skills.

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New programmes to focus on challenges of Net Zero, AI and critical metals

The Oxford Martin School has launched three new research programmes focussed on solving a diverse set of critical challenges: sourcing the critical metals needed for the energy transition, achieving global Net Zero, and managing the risks of Artificial Intelligence.