Christopher Adam

Professor of Development Economics

Wale Adebanwi

Rhodes Professor of Race Relations

Lisa Aissaoui

Ethnographic Research Assistant

Sacha Altay

Oxford Martin Fellow

Cameron Appel

Junior Data Analyst

Samira Barzin


Diana Beltekian

Research Assistant

Tim Berners-Lee

Professorial Research Fellow

Reuben Binns

Associate Professor

Jo Boyden

Professor of International Development

Erzsébet Bukodi

Professor of Sociology and Social Policy

Peter Burr

Programme Manager

Dan Challender

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Katrina Charles

Professor of Environmental Health risks

Chinchih Chen

Oxford Martin Fellow

Jin-ho Chung

Research Associate, Transport Studies Unit

Patricia Clavin

Professor of Modern History

Paul Collier

Professor of Economics and Public Policy

Gokhan Cuceloglu

Oxford Martin Fellow

Stefan Dercon

Professor of Economic Policy

Cheryl Doss

Professor of International Development

Patricia Esteve-Gonzalez

Senior Research Associate

Doyne Farmer

Baillie Gifford Professor of Mathematics

Marta Favara

Senior Research Officer

Louise Fawcett

Professor of International Relations and Wilfrid Knapp Fellow and Tutor in Politics

Tom Fisher

Research Associate

Carl Benedikt Frey

Director, Future of Work

Charlie Giattino

Post-doctoral researcher

Alberto Giubilini

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Tim Goedemé

Senior Research Officer

Ian Goldin

Professor of Globalisation and Development

Doug Gollin

Professor of Development Economics

Sarah Harper

Clore Professor of Gerontology

Mark Harrison

Professor of the History of Medicine

Joe Hasell

Research Project Manager

Torsten Heinrich

Chair for Microeconomics (VWL II) at the Chemnitz University of Technology

Bastian Herre

Researcher at Our World in Data

Amy Hinsley

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Jaco Hoffman

Senior Research Fellow in Sociology of Africa

Philip Howard

Professor of Internet Studies

Andrew Hurrell

Senior Research Fellow in International Relations

Emily Jones

Associate Professor in Public Policy

Pantelis Koutroumpis

Lead Economist, Oxford Martin Programme on Technological and Economic Change

François Lafond

Senior Research Associate

Clare Leaver

Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy

George Leeson

Director, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Javier Lezaun

James Martin Lecturer in Science and Technology Governance

Nicolas Lippolis

Research and Policy Officer

Bobbie MacDonald

Senior Data Analyst

Edouard Mathieu

Head of Data

Colin Mayer

Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies at Saïd Business School

Angela McLean

Professor of Mathematical Biology

E.J. Milner-Gulland

Tasso Leventis Professor of Biodiversity

John Muellbauer

Professor of Economics

Nana Nanitashvili

Senior Research Officer

Rasmus Nielsen

Professor of Political Communication

Brian Nolan

Professor of Social Policy

Francisco Obando

Policy and Program Manager

Esteban Ortiz-Ospina

Senior Researcher

Michael Osborne

Dyson Professor in Machine Learning

Oliver Owen

Departmental Lecturer in African Anthropology

Juan C. Palomino

Postdoctoral Researcher

Senia Paseta

Professor of Modern History

Andrew Pollard

Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity

David Pratten

Associate Professor in the Social Anthropology of Africa

Matteo Richiardi

Professor of Economics

Hannah Ritchie

Senior Researcher and the Head of Research at Our World in Data

Lucas Rodés-Guirao

Senior Data Analyst

Max Roser

Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development

Michael Sas-Rolfes

Research Associate

Julian Savulescu

Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics

Nigel Shadbolt

Principal of Jesus College, Oxford

Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

Professor of the International Politics of Africa

Sugandha Srivastav

DPhil Candidate in Environmental Economics

Andrew Thompson

Professor of Global and Imperial History

Selina Todd

Professor of Modern History

Carissa Véliz

Associate Professor in Philosophy

Diogo Verissimo

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

David Vines

Professor of Economics

Sandra Wachter

Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow

Martin Williams

Associate Professor in Public Management

Joss Wright

Senior Research Fellow

Qingling Wu

Data Analytics Lead

Shicheng Xia

Oxford Martin Fellow

Jun Zhao

Senior Researcher