Our programmes range from developing better plastics to understanding the illegal wildlife trade, and from accelerating the adoption of renewable energy to better management of the high seas. Conserving the natural systems on which all human life depends requires action on many fronts, and we provide new understanding, insights and ideas to ensure that solutions to pressing environmental challenges can be found.


Pro-bono legal expert sought to drive Net Zero Policy Monitor’s global impact

The Oxford Martin Programme on Net Zero Regulation and Policy is continuing its efforts to build legal and regulatory ground rules for a net zero-aligned global economy by sourcing expert pro-bono support.

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New algorithm supercharges climate models and could lead to better predictions of future climate change

Professor Samar Khatiwala, from the University of Oxford’s Department of Earth Sciences, has led a major advance to solve a critical issue in modelling future climate change. The findings have been published in Science Advances.

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Last LEAP Conference highlights importance of food research communities

The Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food recently celebrated the last Wellcome-funded LEAP conference. The conference showcased novel research findings, examining the relationship between livestock, the environment and people; and brought together a strong community of researchers in these fields.

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Enforce net zero with global ‘ground rules,’ say Oxford academics

Academics at the Oxford Martin Programme on Net Zero Regulation and Policy have called for rigorous net zero ‘ground rules’ – encompassing laws, regulation and policy – to be implemented and enforced across the world, in an article published in Nature Climate Change.

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Shifting the dial on money’s climate impact

The climate crisis gives investors and shareholders an ethical conundrum - should they divest from fossil fuel companies? And if they don’t, how should they engage with the firms in which they remain invested in order to drive a transition toward more climate-conscious practices? And, particularly at a time of turmoil in international energy markets, how can they resolve the age-old trilemma between energy security, affordability and environmental impact?

The Oxford Martin Net Zero Carbon Investment Initiative, which ran from 2015 to 2021, was established to answer these questions, and to help investors accelerate the transition to a zero carbon economy. This is the story of its work, and its impact.

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