Monique Andersson

Clinical Infection Consultant

José Roberto Ayala Solares

Machine Learning Scientist

Anastasios Bastounis

Research Fellow, University of Nottingham

Hagan Bayley

Professor of Chemical Biology

Colin Bennett

Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Michael Bonsall

Professor of Mathematical Biology

Chas Bountra

Professor of Translational Medicine

Dexter Canoy

Clinical Epidemiologist

Michael Clark

Postdoctoral Researcher

Nathan Clay

Postdoctoral Researcher in Geography

Linda Cobiac

Senior Researcher

Brian Cook

Senior Researcher

Molly Crockett

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Yale University

Gabriel Davis Jones

Medical Doctor, Computer Scientist and Clinical Researcher

Timothy Denison

Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies

Tom Douglas

Senior Research Fellow

Louis du Plessis

Postdoctoral Researcher

Christopher Dye

Former Visiting Fellow (2019-20)

Karin Eli

Postdoctoral Researcher

Nadira Faber

Junior Principal Investigator

Nuno Faria

Sir Henry Dale Research Fellow

Florian Freund

Visiting Fellow

Helen Fryer

Postdoctoral Researcher

Tara Garnett

Food Climate Research Network Leader

Alberto Giubilini

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Charles Godfray

Director, Oxford Martin School

Doug Gollin

Professor of Development Economics

Olga Gurgula

Lecturer in IP Law at Brunel Law School and Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Jim Hall

Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks

Michael Hamm

C. S. Mott Professor of Sustainable Agriculture

Sarah Harper

Clore Professor of Gerontology

Mark Harrison

Professor of the History of Medicine

Clare Heaviside

Independent Research Fellow

Jaco Hoffman

Senior Research Fellow in Sociology of Africa

Steven Hoffman

Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Jennifer Hollowell

Senior Researcher

Kenneth Howse

Senior Research Fellow

Anant Jani

Honorary Research Fellow

Susan Jebb

Professor of Diet and Population Health

Laura Kehoe

Postdoctoral Researcher

Reza Khorshidi

Programme Lead, Machine Learning and Biomedical Informatics

Anika Knüppel

Postdoctoral Researcher in Nutritional Epidemiology

Moritz Kraemer

Branco Weiss Fellow

Wen Hwa Lee

Chief Executive Officer, Action Against AMD

George Leeson

Director, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

Javier Lezaun

James Martin Lecturer in Science and Technology Governance

Sabrina Li

DPhil Candidate

Simon Lovestone

Professor of Translational Neuroscience

John Lynch

Postdoctoral Researcher in Physics

Sloan Mahone

Associate Professor of the History of Medicine at Oxford University

Antonella Mazzone

Postdoctoral Researcher

Angela McLean

Professor of Mathematical Biology

Janey Messina

Associate Professor in Quantitative Social Science Methods

Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz

Independent Economics Consultant

Nicole Miranda

Programme Manager

Zoltán Molnár

Professor of Developmental Neuroscience

Nana Nanitashvili

Senior Research Officer

Christoffer Nellåker

MRC Methodology Research Fellow

Keren Papier

Postdoctoral Researcher in Nutritional Epidemiology

Rafael Perera

Professor of Medical Statistics

Andrew Pollard

Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity

Christina Potter

Postdoctoral Researcher in Health Behaviours

Oliver Pybus

Professor of Evolution & Infectious Disease

Kazem Rahimi

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine

Thom Rawson

Research Assistant

Mike Rayner

Professor of Population Health

Kelly Reed

Project Manager

Renaldi Renaldi

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Julian Savulescu

Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics

Peter Scarborough

Associate Professor & University Lecturer

Nick Scott-Ram

VP Strategic and Commercial Development, Sensyne Health

Arjune Sen

Head of the Oxford Epilepsy Research Group

Alexandra Sexton

Postdoctoral Researcher in Geography

Stephen Smith

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Marco Springmann

Senior Researcher in Population Health

Cristina Stewart

Research Assistant

Nicole Stoesser

Consultant in Infection

Francis Szele

Associate Professor of Developmental Biology

Jeremy Thomas

Professor of Ecology

Adrian Towse

Director, Office of Health Economics

Stanley Ulijaszek

Professor of Human Ecology

Andrea Vedaldi

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

Yiorgos Vittis

Postdoctoral Researcher in livestock transitions

Lucy Yates

Public Engagement Coordinator

Alexander Zarebski

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Linna Zhou

Oxford Martin Fellow