Richard Grenyer

Associate Professor in Biodiversity and Biogeography

Peter Grindrod

Professor of Mathematics

Phil Grünewald

Deputy Director of Energy Research

Olga Gurgula

Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Sophie Haines

ESRC Future Research Leaders Fellow

Thomas Hale

Associate Professor of Global Public Policy

Jim Hall

Professor of Climate and Environmental Risks

Michael Hamm

C. S. Mott Professor of Sustainable Agriculture

Sarah Harper

Clore Professor of Gerontology

Mark Harrison

Professor of the History of Medicine

Joe Hasell

Research Project Manager

Abdelaali Hassaine

Machine Learning Scientist

Clare Heaviside

Independent Research Fellow

Torsten Heinrich

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Gideon Henderson

Professor of Earth Sciences

David Hendry

Professor of Economics

Patrik Henriksson

Postdoctoral researcher at the Beijer Intistitute of Ecological Economics and Stockholm Resilience Centre

Cameron Hepburn

Professor of Environmental Economics

Sarah Higginson


Amy Hinsley

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Amy Hinterberger

Reader in Global Health and Social Medicine

Jaco Hoffman

Senior Research Fellow in Sociology of Africa

Steven Hoffman

Oxford Martin Visiting Fellow

Jennifer Hollowell

Senior Researcher

Craig Holmes

Senior Research Fellow

Philip Howard

Professor of Internet Studies

Kenneth Howse

Senior Research Fellow

Jane Humphries

Emeritus Professor of Economic History

Hussam Hussein

Research Fellow in International Relations

Matthew Ives

Senior Research Officer

Luke Jackson

Senior Research Fellow

Anant Jani

Honorary Research Fellow

Chris Jardine


Susan Jebb

Professor of Diet and Population Health

Abiodun Jegede

Oxford Martin Fellow

Dominic Johnson

Alastair Buchan Chair of International Relations

Angus Johnston

Professor of Law

Emily Jones

Associate Professor in Public Policy

Andreas Kappes

Lecturer, University of London

Otto Kässi


Laura Kehoe

Postdoctoral Researcher

Michael Keith

Director of the PEAK Urban Research programme

Isabel Key

Researcher and Coordinator

Reza Khorshidi

Programme Lead, Machine Learning and Biomedical Informatics

Radhika Khosla

Senior Researcher in the School of Geography and the Environment

Claas Kirchhelle

Research Associate, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine

Oleg Kitov

Fellow and a Lecturer in Economics, University of Cambridge

Anika Knüppel

Postdoctoral Researcher in Nutritional Epidemiology